About Us

Who Are We?

We are a non-profit, community-serving organisation established in 2022. We are a community of dedicated professionals brought together by founder, Sara Williams and part of the national wellbeing social prescribing initiative. 

We aim to support residents on Wirral and surrounding areas with non-medical health and wellbeing services, some of whom may frequently access primary NHS services, are identified as being at risk of mental or physical health crises and are socially prescribed a community referral to our services through NHS GP’s and other health professionals. We aim to empower individuals to be proactively involved in their own healthcare, supporting the NHS “General Practice Forward View” (2016) principles of reducing pressure on GP services, including the role of community sector wellbeing organisations and broader Government objectives relating to employment, and volunteering.

We offer flexible modes of empowering intervention throughout the year, including a variety of one-to-one complementary therapies, group lifestyle training workshops and vocational education pathway signposting services to help clients improve and maintain their optimal health and wellbeing, re-train where appropriate and reintegrate into society and work. We are here to provide a safe and secure container for general health and well-being services.

Additionally, we support and collaborate with other not-for-profit enterprises such as Community Interest Companies, small UK and Local businesses, in our sourcing of suppliers of products and services used for the running of our provision. These businesses are those whose own provision supports community, sustainability, are eco-friendly, organic and cruelty-free.

Furthermore, we partner creatively with other not-for-pofit and social prescribing service providers to deliver unique health and wellbeing initiatives that include topics such as clean vitalising nutrition, physical (ecstatic dance, yoga) and mental health (mindfulness, meditation, mirror-work skin care), woodworking, tree-climbing and Forest Bathing.

To ensure our services are as accessible as possible and maximise engagement, we can arrange initial bespoke outreach service to provide home therapy visits for those with mobility barriers and outreach workshop sessions and programmes where appropriate to reach those unable to attend group sessions due to social mental health challenges such as a lack of confidence or anxiety. We also provide a members online wellness resource hub, accessible 24 hours a day.

Our services are for all who desire to be involved in co-creating their own healthcare and a natural approach to a healthier, happier, harmonious future. We believe that everybody has the capacity to heal and reach optimum health and wellbeing naturally, using traditional holistic practices as alternatives to, or complementary to, allopathic medical protocols.

Our Vision

To identify health and well-being needs before dis-ease and dis-order start to escalate, intervene early, giving people the right care by the right professional and alleviating the burden on the NHS in order to optimise wellbeing of our local community.

Our Mission 

To provide an inclusive service- being free to users at the point of contact so that wellbeing help is accessible equally, people able to feel optimally well and reach their true potential irrespective of background and circumstances.

Ethos With Integrity

Treating others with dignity, fairness, and respect and being honest in all that we do.

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