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NouYou CIC

Holding safe, secure space for residents on Wirral and surrounding areas.

Focusing on your
physical, mental and general health and well-being.

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a non-profit, community-serving organisation established in 2022. We are a community of dedicated professionals brought together by founder, Sara Williams and part of the national wellbeing social prescribing initiative. We aim to support residents on Wirral and surrounding areas with non-medical health and wellbeing services, some of whom may frequently access primary NHS services, are identified as being at risk of mental or physical health crises and are socially prescribed a community referral to our services through NHS GP’s and other health professionals. 

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Our Vision

To identify health and well-being needs before dis-ease and dis-order start to escalate, intervene early, giving people the right care by the right professional and alleviating the burden on the NHS in order to optimise wellbeing of our local community.

Our Mission 

To provide an inclusive service to users at the point of contact so that wellbeing help is accessible equally, people able to feel optimally well and reach their true potential irrespective of background and circumstances.

Ethos With Integrity

Treating others with dignity, fairness, and respect and being honest in all that we do.

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Where are we based ?

We run our 6-week programmes on a Tuesday from 10am – 2pm

NouYou CIC,  583 Borough Road, Birkenhead, CH42 0Hd 

Program Criteria

The NouYou 6-week programmes are designed to kick-start your healing journey. We truly believe that a small group of 6 people per programme ensures everyone can be heard. It is a context where voicelessness is painfully obvious, and that clarity makes it easier to draw people into the dialogue to gain their perspective, learn why they feel quiet, or prevent them from withholding  their unique contribution.

Introducing you to concepts of energy work and holistic alternative practices to help and empower you through your own self-healing journey, the programs consist of a range of therapies, education and reflections.

Part of the concept is to remove financial and emotional barriers associated with seeking alternative therapies by creating a safe supportive environment with experts where you will learn, engage and integrate alternative therapies into your life at your own pace.


As we are currently self funding our organisation we kindly ask for a small donation to support our cause.  Your contribution will make a real impact so we can continue running our programmes.

We have tried our best to keep the fee to a minimum of £30 by making it as low as possible.

Your place will be confirmed once payment has been received.

NouYou CIC

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What To Expect

What activities to expect each week in our workshops

Reiki, Sound Healing, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Holistic Therapies, Skin Care & Nutrition, and more.

How long is each weekly workshop?

We are aiming for the weekly workshops to run for approximately 2/3 hours. All refreshments included.

We Have Limited Spaces

Is NouYou for You?

Firstly we kindly ask that you read our terms & conditions here NouYou Terms & Conditions Upon understanding and agreeing to this we ask you to then send us a brief description about yourself and why you think the program could help you, please use the submissions box to do this. We will review the applications and allocate slots or alternatively will place people on a waiting list for the next 6 week program.

Upcoming Programmes

  • Grief & Bereavement 17th September - 22nd October

    Losing a loved one, whether a family member, friend or pet, can leave a major gap in our lives and it can be hard to know which way to turn or how to get back to day-to-day life. We have created a space for people going through grief & bereavement to come together with others to offer support and healing activities in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Mums in Mind 29th October - 3rd December

    Being a mum is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it can be tough at times. Children cannot be healthy, or happy without the presence of a healthy and happy mother. We bring mums together for 6 weeks, for a series of useful and thought-provoking sessions to help ease mental health illness and improve mental well-being. Our "Mums in Mind" program has been carefully created to help build confidence, self-esteem, and give you some time to find you again in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Cancer Care 6th August- 10th September

    When diagnosed with cancer, not only are you battling cancer, but the financial pressures, and emotional stress for yourself and loved ones can cause so much strain for everyone. We have created a space for cancer heroes to feel like a NouYou again in a safe and supportive environment.

Program Submission

Please read our program terms & conditions here NouYou Terms & Conditions before submitting your interest in our programs below 

Our Partners

We are over the moon with the support we have received from local businesses here at NouYou, here are some that have helped along our journey…

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